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 TA Testing System (Using Da's system)

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Allen Walker
Allen Walker

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PostSubject: TA Testing System (Using Da's system)   Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:53 am

Testers can post all results from the students they tested in this section. Please Testers, make a topic for each individual members posting their results there, that if the topic wasn't already made by the member itself.


Designer Drugs
BM Joker

Deck Build: ?/10
- Number of Cards ?/2 (40-42 gives ya 2/2, 43+ gives ya 0/2)
- The build itself ?/6
- Top Tier standard meta unless it got interesting techs or side strategies -2

Concentration: Being aware of every Card being played in the game and not slipping/forgetting effect. -1 per each slip ?/4
For example: If you forgot to mill for a Face-Up Lightsworn at you end phase. the tester won't remind you but he'll give ya -1 here.

Rulings: -2 Per each ruling mistake. ?/6
don't think that you'd be tested with questions or anything, your rulings would be tested through various situations you would be put in at the duel..the tester got the right to confuse ya.
Don't think that your minimum marks is 0 (3 mistakes)..because if ya made any further ruling mistakes you'll get more minuses so that 4 mistakes give ya -2/6, etcetera.

- Good use of Cards ?/10
- Control of the duel ?/10
- Siding Skills ?/4
If you got asked if you were going to side and you replied saying no then you got 0/4.

Even if you win the games, your dueling skills are quite important; so the tester would measure how good did you arrange your moves and how well did you control the duel. Siding is the soul of winning a match duel so your siding skills would also be measure.

Result of the Duel:
- winning 2-1: gives him 4/6
- winning 2-0: gives him 6/6
- losing 1-2: gives him 2/6
- losing 0-2: gives him 0

Total ??/50

Don't forget that you need to be able to transfer your skills into victories so there are some marks on winning/losing.
To be Shining you need at least 25 points
To be Freezing you need at least 38 points
To be Mastah Sackah you need at least 44 points

Please post your results as it follows, Testers:

I used ... vs ... (If top tier standard then -2)
Number of cards: ?/2
Deck Build: ?/6
Concentration: ?/4
Comments if he slipped reminding him with the situation.

Rulings: ?/6
When did he make ruling mistakes mentioning the situation in order to remind him + saying the correct ruling.

Good use of Cards : ?/10
Control of duel: ?/10
Siding Skills: ?/4

Result of duel: mention the result ?/6

Total marks: ?/50

Keep in mind that if you want to get retested, you'll have to get 50 posts.

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TA Testing System (Using Da's system)
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